UW quad cherry blossoms A new cohort of the UW HIHIM program starts each fall.

Application Process

The program accepts applications from five types of students:

The application process is different for each student type. Except for current UW students, all applicants must apply to both the UW and the HIHIM program. For application instructions,  see the application page for your student type.

Note: Admissions  to the HIHIM program is competitive, with preference given to students who have completed the prerequisite coursework by the time they apply, have a strong GPA and statement of purpose, and have relevant volunteer or work experience. Please  read the requirements carefully before applying. 

Early and General Acceptance

The HIHIM program has early acceptance and general acceptance application periods. We accept early acceptance applications from November 1 to February 15, and general acceptance applications from January 1 to May 1. Applications must be postmarked by the early acceptance or general acceptance deadline to be considered for that application period. 

You can apply for early acceptance only if you have completed all prerequisite coursework and meet the minimum grade and GPA requirements at the time of application. 

After You Apply

Your application will be reviewed and evaluated by a committee. Applicants who apply for early acceptance will be notified of an admissions decision by early April; all other applicants will be notified by early June.

UW Health Science Immunization Program (HSIP)

Please note that all students enrolled in the HIHIM program are required to begin participation in an immunization review program for infectious diseases and acquire CDC recommended immunizations prior to registering for their second quarter. The Health Sciences Immunization Program (HSIP) ensures students enrolled in health sciences academic programs comply with the requirements detailed in the University’s affiliation agreements with clinical and practicum training sites. 


Do you have any questions about applying to or preparing for the HIHIM program. Contact the counseling services coordinator