Degree Requirements

Students enter the UW HIHIM program having already completed at least 90 transferable credits. To earn the HIHIM degree, you must complete an additional 76 credits in the major, including the five-credit capstone project, and fulfill the School of Public Health's general education requirements.

UW Health Science Immunization Program (HSIP)

Upon admission to the HIHIM program, students must register in the Health Sciences Immunization Program (HSIP) to ensure compliance with the University’s affiliation agreements with clinical and practicum training sites.

Course Sequence

Year One

Autumn Quarter
HIHIM 400: Health Care Language 
HIHIM 410: Foundations in Health Information Management
HIHIM 407: Foundations for Health Care Vocabularies
HIHIM 450: Health Care Delivery & Polic

Winter Quarter
HIHIM 408: Management Concepts with HIM Applications
HIHIM 409: Disease Concepts for Managers
HIHIM 460: HIHIM Professional Pathways
HIHIM 470: Health Care Legal Foundations

Spring Quarter
HIHIM 414: ICD, Clinical Documentation & Revenue Management
HIHIM 456: Quality Improvement in Health Care
HIHIM 480: HIM Operations & Project Management

Year Two

Autumn Quarter
HIHIM 405: Health Data Analytics
HIHIM 415: CPT/HCPCS, Clinical Documentation & Revenue Management
HIHIM 421: Health Information Systems Analysis

Winter Quarter
HIHIM 411: Health Data Management
HIHIM 420: Health Care Computer Systems & Electronic Health Records
HIHIM 425: Research Design & Statistics for HIHIM
HIHIM 454: Finance Concepts for Health Care Managemen

Spring Quarter
HIHIM 455: Leadership & Strategic Management
HIHIM 461: Professional Development & Networking
HIHIM 462: Capstone Project