hihim admissions

Admission to the UW Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics & Health Information Management program is competitive, and students are admitted just once a year. A new cohort begins classes each fall.

The program is open to applications from current and returning UW students, transfer students international transfer students and college graduates pursuing a second bachelor's degree (known as postbaccalaureate students).

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Application Deadlines

To apply, current UW students simply need to apply to the HIHIM program. Returning UW students must re-apply to the UW as well as apply to the HIHIM program. Transfer students, postbaccalaureate students, and international students must apply to both the University of Washington and the HIHIM program. See the relevant dates below.

You can apply for early acceptance to the HIHIM program only if you have completed all prerequisite coursework and meet the minimum grade and grade point average requirements at the time of application. If you are applying for early acceptance, note that HIHIM applications open six weeks before UW applications do.

HIHIM Applications Open HIHIM Application Due UW Applications Open UW Application Due
Early Acceptance November 1 February 15 December 15 February 15
Regular Acceptance January 1 May 1 December 15 May 1

Applications are reviewed and evaluated by committee. Applicants applying for early acceptance will be notified of an admissions decision by early April; all other applicants will be notified by early June. Admitted students begin their classes in September, and must attend orientation before the start of classes.


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